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Your Article on How to do Pooja?

Simple info with details of easy pooja anushtanams and performance procedures. very nice, simple and sweet again. poor man's pooja also, when dedicated to devotion , it will mark its grade to receive the Lord's bliss uninterruptedly. thanks Ms.Priya for the divine write up. god bless you and family with longevity prosperity and happy healthy wealthy environs going for hundreds of years! Thank you also, Mr. Vengada Subramanian K sir, for your posting with info, useful for all devotees and even to beginners who wants to perform poojas. its a must in the day today anushtanams. god bless you and family, with longevity prosperity and happy healthy wealthy environs going for hundreds of years!


Excellent way it has been taught How to do d puja.? Very Very Good description 19-05-2015

Divine Destination

Temple advisor not only devine destination, its the only way to know religious places all over india also it provide the info seems from my finger. Thanks to TA.....

Very Informative & Interesting

Informative and interesting, Pl continue to be a pioneer on temple information including diaplated , On questions pl provide answers at the end of the Day. Rajaraman

WOH!!! Good Information

WOH!!! Really i experienced it, i don't know what are the temples are in my native and nearest place from my home town even i living here from childhood, but Temple Advisor showing me the and bring me like pick my hand as my parents.... Really superb... and useful....

Very Good Information

Very informative about so...many temples with their sthala puranas, poojas, idols, adjacent shrines, temple tanks, legends , who and in whose regime it was constructed , style of architecture , speciality of sculptures , purpose for which devotees go to particular temple , how generously people's have donated lands, etc...complete in all aspects about temples. ...

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