Vimal Vasahi Temple of None Dilwara Road, Mount Abu‎-307501

The main attraction of this temple is the Rang Mandap, a large hall that contains twelve ornamented pillars. Another attracting assortment of the temple is the nine rectangular carved ceilings also known as Navachowki.

About Vimal Vasahi Temple

The Vimal Vasahi temple is a famous Jain Temple. It is situated in town Mount Abu of sirohi district, Rajasthan. Vimal Shah was constructed the Vimal Vasahi Temple, who was the minister of Bhima Dev 1 and Solanki ruler of Gujarat. This temple was dedicated to lord Adinath, who was the 1st Jain Tirthankar. This temple took 14 years to build by using by 1,500 artisans and 1,200 labourers.This temple has a gudha mandap, navchoki, rang mandap, and a corridor, Which has 57 cells. Jain Tirthankara is fixed in each cell.

Rang Mandap is the major attraction of this temple. It contains a huge hall, Which has twelve ornamented pillars. The nine rectangular carved ceilings is also there, it is the another attraction of this temple. This is called as Navachoki.

The Vimala Vashi temple is surrounted by a number of smaller cells. It is one of the most beautiful temple. The luxurious architecture of this temple attracts the tourists.

This temple has a large number of features. The deity of this temple was made by using brass and gold.The floral paintings, that increase the beauty of this temple and the ceiling has a wonderful carved design.This design contains lotus buds, geomentrical design and petals of flowers. The whole temple was constructed by using marbles.



Mount Abu Hill

Mount Abu Hills MDR 60 Machgoan Mt Abu, Rajasthan, Mount Abu‎, Sirohi (Dist), Rajasthan

Mount Abu, considered as the only hill station of Rajasthan, is located in the Sirohi District. It is at a height of around 1,220 m above sea level and lies south-west of the Aravalli Hills.

Vasant Garh

Vasant Garh, Rajasthan, Sirohi, Sirohi (Dist), Rajasthan

Vasant Garh, located on the banks of River Saraswati, is also known as Vatasthana, Vatapura and Vetaleara. Due to the presence of banyan trees in abundance at the site, it is referred to as Vata as well.


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