Sri Humcha Padmavati Devi Jain Temple of None Jain Temple Road,, Near Humch Bus Stand, Near State Highway No. 1, Humcha-577436

The Lakki Tree will never dry, The muttina kere will never dry, The water will be constantly oozing out from the point of origin of river Kumudvati, Whenever a devote asks for blessings from Goddess Padmavathi, the flowers will fall from the right side of the idol.

About Sri Humcha Padmavati Devi Jain Temple

Sri Humcha Padmavati Devi Jain Temple is famous Jain Temple. This temple is called Pomrchcha and Pombucha. In the 7th century Shri Jinadatt was built this temple. He is the founder of the Santhara Dynasty. Jaina Math is very popular in Hombucha. It was constructed by the monks. These monks belonged to Nandi Sanga of Kunda Kundanavaya. The Math houses temples like the Shri Padmavati temple, Shri Bogara Basadi, Shri Marthanda Basadi, Shri Parshvanatha temple. The Math is decorated with Lakki trees. This tree is more than 1300 years old.

According to the history, King Jinadattaraya  came from Mathura. He planned to constructed the kingdom and made that place as his capital. While he was travelling back from Mathura, he brought the image of Padmavathi Devi. After a long travel he reached Hombucha. He was taken the rest under the sadhow of lakki tree. While he saw a dream, he was instructed to build his kingdom in that place.

Goddess Shri Padmavathi created 2 pearls at the pond. The person who found the pearls and gave it to the king. The King made the 2 nose rings by using this pearls. This pond is called as Muttina Kere. The king gave the one nose ring to his wife and other one is dedicated to the goddess.

Goddess Padmavathi said him to install the other idol. Because, the idol lost her power. The King realized his mistake and installed the other idol. While the devotees ask the blessings to the goddess the flowers will fall from the other deity.

This temple was built in the Chalukyan Style. It was decorated with Navaranga and also have an open Mukhamantapa. The car festival is the famous festival in this temple. This featival was held in every year on the Moola nakshatra. The Navarathri festival is the famous celebration in this temple.



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