Naya Temple of None Chawri Bazar Road, Dharam Pura, Chandni Chowk, Dharampura-110006

This temple is famous for its architecture.

About Naya Temple

Naya Temple is a famous Jain Temple. It is situated in Dharampura town, New Delhi. Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was built a Naya Mandir Temple. It is historical Jain temple. The famous of this temple is, that contains the large number of scripts, particularly the individual script of the Maha Purana of Acharya Jinasena.

During the period of Akbar, Raja Harsukh Rai has developed the Jain temple in Old Delhi. Harsukh Rai got the permission from Mughal emperor for constructing a 'shikhara' for the Jain temple. This is the first Shikhara temple was being built during the Mughal period. The Old Delhi also contains the another older temple. That temple is called as the Lal Mandir.

Suddenly, the construction work was stopped due to the Agarawal jain Community. Harsukh Rai asked more funds for complete the task of this temple. Finally, this temple was belonging to ‘Panchayati’. This temple was constructed by his Skillful. During the festival time of 'Panch-kalyanak Pratisthan'. Some destroyers were attacked the temple and robbed the number of silver and gold. The 'chhatra' and 'chamar' were also robbed. On seeing this shocking incident, Harsukh Rai explained about this robbery to Akbar. He was immediately ordered to all the temples propery should be replace to the temple grounds.

This temple was made by using polished white marble and also the arches were decorated with floral basis. The ceiling and wall of the Naya mandir was painted beautifully with gold and blue colour. The deity of this temple  placed at the center position. 


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