Subramania Swami Temple of Karthikeya / Muruga Arakonam Road, Via Saravana Poigai, Thiruttani-631209

This is 1st among the Aaru paadai (Battle Field) temple of the Lord Murugan. The hill temple has 365 steps representing the days of a year. In this Temple, Skanda Shasti, which is celebrated in all the Murugan Temples is not celebrated in this temple.

Temple Etiquette

  • Footwear not allowed inside

    Footwear not allowed inside
    Footwear to be left outside the temple. In summer be careful of the hot paving stones.

  • Prasad and donation

    Prasad and donation
    Use your right hand to accept prasad and give donations. The left hand is considered unclean in India.

  • Dress conservatively

    Dress conservatively
    Avoid shorts, skirts, tanktops and do not expose legs.

  • Restricted entry

    Restricted entry
    Entry is normally restricted to temple priests in the sanctum sanctorum. Some temples restrict the entry of non-Hindus

  • Avoid cellphones

    Avoid cellphones
    Use of cell phones is restricted normally. Photography is restricted in some temples.

  • Circumambulation or pradakshina

    Circumambulation or pradakshina
    Devotees are to walk around the sanctum sanctorum in a clockwise direction

About Subramania Swami Temple

According to the mythology, Lord Subramanya was married with Deivayanai, who was the daughter of Deva Indra. As a dowry offering, he offered his elephant Airvatam to Lord Subramanya. When the elephant Airavatam went  away from the Indra Loka, Indra felt  that his wealth was diminishing  day by day.  Lord Subramanya asked Indra to get back the elephant but he refused to get it back, but insisted that the elephant has to face in his direction of the east.  After rescuing  Devi Sita from Ravana, Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva at  Rameswaram and then came to Tiruttani to find  peace of mind by worshipping Lord Subrahmanya here.  In Dwapara Yuga, Arjuna offered prayers to Lord Subramanya and got the blessings from the Lord. Once when the weapons Chakara, Shanku of the Lord Vishnu were forcibly seized by Tarakasura, Lord Vishnu prayed to the Lord Subramanya to get them back .

In this temple, Lord Subramanya appears with the Vajra Hastam in his right hand that would produce a sound like thunder and his left hand is on the hip which represents wisdom. Only during the specialdressings(alankaara), Vel and cock flag are placed with him . There are separate shrines for Valli and Deivanai.  Poojas in the temple are performed in accordance with Kumara Tantra Agama order. As in all Subramanya temples, festival Sura Samhara,  for destroying demon Sura in Tiruchendur is being celebrated,  but it is not celebrated in this temple. As Lord appears in the happy mood after killing the demon, the war festival is not celebrated here. On this day,flowers weighing 1000 Kilograms are used for the pooja  to please the Lord.  In this temple, elephant is considered as the  vehicle of the Lord Subramanya instead of the peacock.

In this temple, Lord Bhairava graces with 4 dogs- vehicle which represents 4 Vedas.  He is seen with two dogs in some temples.  While one dog is behind Bhairava, other three are around the peeta(pedestal).  Those having the desire to achieve academic excellence pray here.

Lord Brahma propitiated the Lord here,  at the holy spring known as Brahmasonai, after his imprisonment by our Lord,  for his failure to explain the Pranava ('Om' mantra). He then got back his creative function, which he was deprived of,  by our Lord due to his egotistic impudence in neglecting to worship Lord Subrahmanya on his way to Mount Kailash(the final steps to the eastern entrance) to worship Lord Shiva.

On worshipping our Lord at Thanikai, the king of snakes Vasuki got his bodily wounds healed, which had been caused during the churning process in the milky ocean,  to secure the Amrita (nectar of immortality) by the Devas and Asuras,  when the Mantotra mountain was used as the churning base and the snake king Vasuki as the rope. Sage Agasthya (of Pothikai hill) worshipped Lord Subramanya at Tanikai when he was blessed with the divine gift of  proficiency in Tamil language.

Saint Arunagirinathar has praised this hill as the chosen place for worship by Devas and the favorite abode of saints performing prolonged tapas.  He also compared this hill to Shivaloka (Bhuloka) and as the very soul of the world.  Sri Muttuswami Deekshitar, who lived 200 years ago (one of the trinities of Carnatic music) had his inspiration in Tiruttani when the Lord (in the guise of an old man) met him on the steps and sweetened his tongue with the prasad of this temple, which impelled him to compose and render his first krithi "Sri Nathadhi Guruguho Jayathi Jayathi"(song) on Lord Subramanya of Tanikai.


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