Sri Kalyana Sundarar Temple (Sri Arulvalanatha Swamy) of Shiva Kuthalam Thirumanancheri Road, Thirumanancher, Kuthalam-609801

There is a popular belief that unmarried men and women will get married by worshiping the Lord and his consort.

Temple Etiquette

  • Footwear not allowed inside

    Footwear not allowed inside
    Footwear to be left outside the temple. In summer be careful of the hot paving stones.

  • Prasad and donation

    Prasad and donation
    Use your right hand to accept prasad and give donations. The left hand is considered unclean in India.

  • Dress conservatively

    Dress conservatively
    Avoid shorts, skirts, tanktops and do not expose legs.

  • Avoid cellphones

    Avoid cellphones
    Use of cell phones is restricted normally. Photography is restricted in some temples.

  • Circumambulation or pradakshina

    Circumambulation or pradakshina
    Devotees are to walk around the sanctum sanctorum in a clockwise direction

About Sri Kalyana Sundarar Temple (Sri Arulvalanatha Swamy)

Once upon a time, Parvathy wanted to marry Siva in an earthly marriage with all religious rites on the earth. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Indira came to earth as acharyas in Thiruvaduthurai.

While playing chokkattan, Vishnu won and his sister Parvathy laughed aloud, Lord Siva was angry and said “Ada pasuve!” and Parvathy was born as a cow on earth. Vishnu became her herder at Therazhundur.

Barathamuni had no children and he prayed the Lord, he was given permission to remove her curse and so he converted her cow shape to a feminine figure at Thiruvavaduthurai.

Goddess Parvathi grew up at Kuthalam (a) Thiruthuruthi in Bharathamuni’s house. Lord Siva came to marry her as promised earlier and Barathamuni received him at Ethirkolpadi.

Siva performed all the marriage rites at Velvikkudi before marriage, then he married Goddess Parvathy at Thirumanancheri.

Goddess Parvathi performed penance (Tapas) in this place to marry Lord Siva and finally got married in this pleace. Because of this the place is called as "Thirumanancheri" (Thirumanam + Cheri)".

There is yet another specialty about this Temple.

One among the form of Lord Siva is Dhakshina moorthy in Yoga ( in deep tapas) form and to get him out of that tapas, Manmadhan, the god of love threw an arrow of flower on Lord Siva, Lord Siva opened his 3rd eye and made Manmadhan into Ash. Rathi devi wife of Manmadhan requested Lord Siva to get her husband back and got him in this Thirumanancheri Sthalam only.

Yet another special attraction of this temple is the Posture of Lord Siva in the form of Sri Kalyana Sundarar in the beautiful Marriage pose along with Goddess.

The Presiding Deity is Sri Arulvallanathar, also called as "Sri Uthvaganathar". Goddess Parvathi is named as Sri Gokilambal, also called as "Sri Yazhinum Menmozhiyaal".

It is said that if we perform special poojas for Goddess Gokilambal and Sri Kalyana sundar by offering him with the Garland, all the hurdles in our marriage gets cleared and the marriage takes place very quickly.

There is a popular belief that unmarried men and women will get married by worshiping the Lord and his consort.



Ambagarathur, Puducherry., Karaikal, Karaikal (Dist), Puducherry

Ambagarattur, located on the western side of Karaikal-Peralam Road, is the second largest village in Karaikal.


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