Sri Devanatha Perumal Temple of Maha Vishnu in the form of Vishnu GST Road, Near Maraimalai Nagar, Chettipunniyam Village, Maraimalai Nagar-603204

In the year 1848 The idols of Sri Yoga Hayagreevar and Sri Devanatha Swamy were brought here from Thiruvendhipuram temple near Cuddalore to protect them from alien invasion. The Sri Vidhya Dosha Nivarthi Pooja done in the Month of (Jan - Feb) is very famous.

Temple Etiquette

  • Footwear not allowed inside

    Footwear not allowed inside
    Footwear to be left outside the temple. In summer be careful of the hot paving stones.

  • Prasad and donation

    Prasad and donation
    Use your right hand to accept prasad and give donations. The left hand is considered unclean in India.

  • Dress conservatively

    Dress conservatively
    Avoid shorts, skirts, tanktops and do not expose legs.

  • Avoid cellphones

    Avoid cellphones
    Use of cell phones is restricted normally. Photography is restricted in some temples.

  • Circumambulation or pradakshina

    Circumambulation or pradakshina
    Devotees are to walk around the sanctum sanctorum in a clockwise direction

About Sri Devanatha Perumal Temple

The temple is actually Sri Varadaraja Swamy temple.

In the year 1848, the idols of Sri Yoga Hayagreevar and Sri Devanatha Swamy were brought here from Thiruvendhipuram (Sri Devanatha Swamy Temple) near Cuddalore to protect them from alien invasion.

(In Thiruvendhipuram, Sri Vedanta Desika recited the Garuda Mantra taught to him by his uncle, Sri Kidambi Appular and was initiated into the worship of Hayagriva by Garuda. Sri Vedanta Desika composed the Hayagriva Stotram in 33 verses. Apart from the `phalasruti' there are 32 verses. There is a reason for Desika writing the Stotram in 32 verses. The Brahma vidyas are 32 in number. His composing the Hayagriva Stotram in 32 verses is to show that Hayagriva is the repository of all vidyas.

The 32nd verse of the Hayariva Stotram which is the 'Dhyana Sloka', speaks of Hayagriva's right lower hand as 'Vyakhyamudra' - the elucidating pose and the left lower hand holds a book. Desika says that Sri Saraswati, Sri Dakshinamurthy and sages like Vyasa reflect a fraction of Lord Hayagriva's effulgence) .

So the temple is referred to as all three names. the Moolavar is Sri Varadaraja Swamy with Sri Devi and Sri Bhoodevi, Utsavar is Sri Devanatha Swamy and Sri Yoga Hayagreevar is the main attraction here especially to parents of school children.

Hayagreeva avataram of Sri Vishnu is not one among the dashavatarams but is ancient than that.

Two asuras Madhu and Kaitapha stole the Vedas and hid them. Lord Vishnu as Sri Hayagreeva retrieved them and preached them to Goddess Saraswathy and Lord Brahma making them the custodians hence Sri Hayagreevar is looked upon as the fountain head of the Vedas.

The idols of Sri Rama, Sri Sita, Sri Lakshmana and Sri Hanuman were brought to Vandalur in Chennai, in the year 1868, on Oct 5, by Mudumbai Ramaswamy Iyengar, from the Tanjore Palace.

When Ramaswamy Iyengar migrated to Bangalore, he had all these Gods installed in the Sri Devanatha Swamy Temple, since Chettipunniyam, was his native village. As per the legends, the first Mysore Dewan Veeravalli Rangachar (1831-1883) also hailed from this village.

`Sita Kalyanamu,' a work in Telugu and Sanskrit, composed in praise of Lord Rama at Chettipunnyam by Shahji Maharaj of the Serfoji dynasty is said to be preserved in the Saraswathi Mahal Library at Thanjavur.

The idol of Sri Yoga Hayagreevar is a short idol . He is in yoga Nidhra, hence not accompanied by Mahalakshmi.

The Urchavar of this temple is Sri Devanatha Perumal. Sri Devanatha Perumal is seen here with Prayoga Chakra on His right hand, which is a rare sight. 

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