Pillayarpatti Karpaga Vinayakar Temple of Ganesh / Vinayak Karaikudi - Tirupattur Main Road, Kovil Road, Pillayarpatti, Tiruppathur-630207

This is the big cave temple which is dedicated to the Lord Vinayaka. In this temple, The Kozhukattai Nivedhana is made from 18 measures of rice on the Vinayaka Chaturthi festival day.

Temple Etiquette

  • Footwear not allowed inside

    Footwear not allowed inside
    Footwear to be left outside the temple. In summer be careful of the hot paving stones.

  • Prasad and donation

    Prasad and donation
    Use your right hand to accept prasad and give donations. The left hand is considered unclean in India.

  • Dress conservatively

    Dress conservatively
    Avoid shorts, skirts, tanktops and do not expose legs.

  • Restricted entry

    Restricted entry
    Entry is normally restricted to temple priests in the sanctum sanctorum. Some temples restrict the entry of non-Hindus

  • Avoid cellphones

    Avoid cellphones
    Use of cell phones is restricted normally. Photography is restricted in some temples.

  • Circumambulation or pradakshina

    Circumambulation or pradakshina
    Devotees are to walk around the sanctum sanctorum in a clockwise direction

About Pillayarpatti Karpaga Vinayakar Temple

Pillaiyar patti temple is an ancient rock-cut cave shrine dedicated to Ganesha, located at Thiruppatthur, Shivaganga district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.
In the cave temple, there are rock cut images of Shiva and other gods as well as several shrines. The Agama texts found on stones in the temple,  date the temple between the years 1091 and 1238. A unique Tamil image of Ganesha found in the temple helps to verify this dating. The presiding deity of the temple is Karpaka Vinayaka or Desi Vinayaka . The Vinayagar sannidhi (sanctom sanctorum) is a cave where the 6 feet of Karpaga Vinayagar has been carved inside. As this is a cave formation, there is no provision to go around for the pradakshina (circumambulate).

Lord Thiruveesar is also carved in the rock of this cave. The temple was built under patronisation of Pandyas. The age of the cave temple is 2500 years or more. There are 14 stone sculptures in the cave ( dated from 500 BC to 1284 AD ). These stone sculptures state the ancient names of Pillaiyarpatti such as Ekkattoor, Thiruveenkaikkudi, Maruthangudi, and Rajanarayanapuram.

This temple is the only one in Tamil Nadu which contains a 6 feet rock-cut Ganesha idol. The trunk of Lord Ganesha is curled towards his right side and so the God is also known as Valampuri Vinayaga.

Here Lord Vinayaga appears with 2 hands unlike in other places where he is seen with 4 hands.  He is seen seated without Angusapasam, with his legs folded and stomach not touching the Asanam in the form of "Artha Padma" Asanam.

The word Vinayaga means "Incomparable Leader". Devotees worshipping Valamburi Vinayaga seated facing towards north, will be blessed with all forms of wealth. Chanting of sacred mantras by the students learning Vedas and agamas in the Vedaagama School create a divine atmosphere.

It is believed that by worshipping Kathyayini amman at this temple,  women get relived from ‘sevvai dosham’, (a planetary position in horoscope),  which prevents them from getting married. "Saptha Madhar" are  provided with a separate sannidhi known as Sakthi sannadhi at this temple
In most of the temples of the Lord Vinayaka,  in which car fetivals are celebrated , and this is one among such temples. Two cars (raths) are used for both Lord Vinayaka and Lord Chandikeswara. The car for the Chandikeswara is pulled by women and  children only.  On the 9th day of the festivals ,while the car is going on the streets, devotees do Anga pradakshinam (rolling over whole body on the floor out of devotion). While the car pulling begins, a sandal paste  is offered to the presiding deity , weighing 80 kg.
During the Uchikala (midday)pooja, on the annual Vinayaka Chaturthi day in August-September , a  giant size modhak (in tamil Kozhukkattai) which is prepared with a quantity of 18 measure of rice, 2 measures of Dhil (Ellu in Tamil), 6 measures of Dhal, 50 coconuts, one measure of cow ghee, 100 gms cardamom, 40 kg. jaggery , is offered to Lord as Nivedhana. The whole mixture is packed in a cloth and placed in the rice basket (Anna Koodai in Tamil) in the temple kitchen.  This will then be put down in a very big bowl and tied in the kitchen. The bundle will not touch the big bowl called Anda.This will be boiled for two days continuously, in low flame.  This will be tied in a long wood and carried to the shrine for nivedhana.  Next day after the preparation  cools down, it would be cut into pieces and offered to devotees and people of the place as Prasad. The age of the cave temple is 2500 years or more. There are 14 stone sculptures in the cave ( dated from 500 BC to 1284 AD ). These stone sculptures state the ancient names of Pillaiyarpatti such as Ekkattoor, Thiruveenkaikkudi, Maruthangudi, and Rajanarayanapuram.



Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary

Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary A.Melaiyur, Tamil Nadu 630211 , Tiruppathur, Sivagangai (Dist), Tamil Nadu

This area of small drainage basins attracts more than 8,000 winter migratory birds belonging to 217 species, mostly from European and North Asian countries. It is a breeding habitat for Grey Herons, Darters, Spoonbills, white ibis, Asian Openbill Stork, and Night Herons. It has also attracted indigenous endangered species including Painted Stork, Grey Heron, Darter, Little Cormorant, Little Egret, Intermediate Egret, Cattle Egret, Common Teal, Spotbills, pintail, and flamingos.


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