Mahaparinirvana Stupa of None Chinese Temple Road, Near Gorakhpur - Kasia Road, Kushinagar-274403

It is believed that Lord Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana in this place. The excavated statue of a 6 metre tall Buddha is in the Parinirvana posture.

About Mahaparinirvana Stupa

Mahaparinirvana Stupa is a famous Buddhist Monastry. Kushinagar is an important Buddhist Monastery (pilgrimage place).

It is believed that Parinirvana after the death of Lord Gautama Buddha was happened in this place.

Kushavati is the name earlier used to this place which converted to Kushi Nagar. Kushavati is mentioned in the Great Ramayan as the city of the son of Rama, Kusha. This place is one among the 4 Holy places of Buddhists. Lord Buddha attained the Mahaparinirvana (Final Nirvana - Death) as He fell ill after he took a meal of mushroom.

The Viharas and Stupas in this place are said to be 3rd Century BC to 5th Century CE. The Great Emperor Ashoka of Mauryan Kingdom contributed a huge wealth for the development of this place.

Kushinagar was the Capital of the Malls during the time of Lord Buddha. It is said that the Buddha had three reasons for coming to Kusinara to die:

1. Because it was the proper venue for the preaching of the Maha-Sudassana Sutta.

2. Because Subhadda would visit him there and, after listening to his sermon, would develop meditation and become an arahant while the Buddha was still alive.

3. Because the brahman Doha would be there, after the Buddha's death, to solve the problem of the distribution of his relics.

Kusinagar became 1 of the 4 Holy sites declared by Lord for Pilgrimage.

The other 3 places are
1. Kapilavasthu (Near Lumbini)
2. Buddhagaya (or Bodh Gaya, Odisha) and
3. Isipatana (or Saranath)

Ramabhar Stupa

Mukutbandhan Chaitya - Ramabhar Stupa Uttar Pradesh , Kushinagar, Kushinagar (Dist), Uttar Pradesh

The Ramabhar Stupa, also known as the Mukutbandhan Chaitya, is regarded as the place where Lord Buddha was cremated. The 15 m high stupa was built by the Malla kings. This stupa is located 1.5 km away from the Nirvana temple. The circular drum of this stupa has a diameter of 34.14 m at the top and 47.24 m at the bottom.

Nirvana Stupa

KUSHINAGAR CITY kushinagar Sapaha Road Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh 274301, Kushinagar, Kushinagar (Dist), Uttar Pradesh

The Nirvana Stupa, also known as the Nirvana Chaitya, is located behind the Mahaparinirvana temple. This 2.74 m tall brick stupa was discovered by British archaeologists in 1876. Along with the stupa, a copper plate was also discovered during the excavations.

Buddha Museum

Buddha Museum Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar, Kushinagar (Dist), Uttar Pradesh

Kushinara or Kushinagar is famous for Lord Buddha.One of the serene and secluded areas, Kushinagar is one of the isolated sleepy towns in Uttar Pradesh where Lord Buddha attained his salvation. The Kushinagar Museum, Kushinagar is one of the major tourist attractions in Kushinagar.

Meditation Park

Meditation Park Kushinagar Uttar pradesh, Kushinagar, Kushinagar (Dist), Uttar Pradesh

Meditation Park is a small park, developed near the Mahaparinirvana temple in Kushinagar. This park has artificial water bodies with raised platforms for meditation.


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