Chaukhandi Stupa of None Rishpattan Road, Near Sarnath Museum, Saranath, varanasi-221007

Originally built as a temple to mark Buddha’s first meeting with his disciples at Sarnath. The Chaukhandi Stupa is topped by an octagonal tower and has a high earthen mound covered with brickwork.

About Chaukhandi Stupa

Chaukhandi Stupa is a famous Buddhist Monastry. Chaukhandi Stupa is an important Buddhist stupa in Sarnath, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Stupas have evolved from burial mounds and serve as a shrine for relic of the Buddha.

The Chaukhandi Stupa was thought originally to have been built as a terraced temple during the Gupta period between the 4th to 6th Century to mark the site where Lord Buddha and his first disciples met traveling from Bodh Gaya to Sarnath.

Later Govardhan, the son of a Thodarmal, Finance Minister of Emperor Akbar, modified the stupa to its present shape by building the octagonal tower to commemorate the visit of Humayun, the powerful Mughal ruler.

Today the stupa is a high earthen mound covered with a brickwork edifice topped by an octagonal tower. It is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

By the order of the Mughal emperor Akbar, Govardhan, the son of Todarmal, the finance secretary in Akbar’s court, built this octagonal tower on top of the stupa in 1588.

The inscription in Persian Language over one of the doorways of the stupa reads as "As Humayun, King of the Seven Climes, now residing in paradise, deigned to come and sit here one day, thereby increasing the splendour of the sun, so Akbar, his son and humble servant, resolved to build on this spot a lofty tower reaching to the blue sky”.

Archaeological Survey of India maintains this Monument.


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