India is known for its history and spirituality. An ancient civilization more than 5000 years old, India is the land of origin for four of the world’s great religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. These religions are known for their spirituality and philosophy. India is a land of holy places, sadhus and holy men and pilgrimages. Every year countless devotees and worshippers throng the innumerable temples, stupas and gurdwaras. Pilgrimages are arranged and countless worshippers disregard extreme weather conditions and physical difficulties and travel great distances as a sign of their faith and devotion.

Temple Advisor LLP was formed to provide generic and specific information about the various temples and religious places in India. Temple Advisor LLP through its site will provide domestic and international tourists interested in visiting religious places, an online ready reckoner and guide. Temple Advisor LLP aims to be the premier firm and website for religious tourism in India with services including temple information, other related information, route planning, itinerary preparation and travel booking.

Visitors to the site can get general information about the religions, common terms used in worship and specific information about the various temples that dot the landscape. The aim is to give a historical background and a rudimentary understanding of the various religions, their basic concepts ,philosphies and worship. A brief description of the myriad Hindu gods and goddesses are also given. This information is basic and only for a general understanding.

The site also provides a list of temples and other religious places which may be of interest to a tourist. Tourists and visitors to the site are encouraged to rate temples on the said parameters. Other attractions close to the temple of interest are also given. Templeadvisor LLP provides  visitors with rounded general information and specific temple information that would help them decide and plan trips easily keeping family members and other traveler interests too.

Temple Adviser LLP in addition to providing information, would help provide route plans, itineraries compliant with customer requirements and also arrange for the booking of trips.